Limited Edition Giclée Prints

Museum quality inkjet prints using permanent, lightfast pigment inks on cotton rag paper.  Editions are strictly limited.  Each print has a generous border and comes signed and numbered in pencil.  All prints come unframed and the price includes postage and packing.  Please allow up to three weeks for delivery in case your selection is out of stock.  Please inquire as to the availability if you require your print earlier.



A collection of popular Australian Birds as published in The Australian Birds Journal.    Each image comes unframed in a limited edition of 250 and is printed on 38x30cm cotton rag paper.   They are named, signed, and numbered by Guy in pencil underneath the image.   These prints look fantastic when framed (we suggest white or pale wood frames with off-white mounts) and grouped together on a wall.

Azure Kingfisher

Price including postage $89.95 each





Edition 180    from a watercolour 55 x 73cm

Early morning and the distant voice of a kookaburra echoes with other bird calls across a valley.

Image Size: 35x47cm approx– $395

Large: 50x67cm – $550


Edition 180    from a watercolour 55x73cm

A sacred kingfisher watches from the branches of a casuarina as the tide slowly exposes shallow rocks and pools with the promise of a meal ahead.

Regular: 35x47cm – $395

Large: 50x67cm – $550


Edition 180    from a watercolour 35x54cm

I painted this on a very hot day in December.  The little creek lies in a shallow ravine where the temperature was several degrees cooler under the trees.  The only sounds were the hum of insects, a few high-pitched bird calls, and the constant splashing of the water.

Regular: 30x47cm approx– $395


Edition 180    from a watercolour 54x73cm

Three of these beautiful long-legged birds take a break to preen and enjoy the end of a fine day.  This painting was based on several different experiences, with their bold patterning, stilts stand out wherever they are.

Regular: 35x47cm – $395

Large: 50x67cm – $550


Edition 250    from a watercolour 73x54cm

Living in England, barn swallows were one of my favourite birds, heralds of summer returning to nest after their long migration from Africa.  A migrant myself, I came across this old fishing boat owned by a family who had also moved to Australia.  Tired birds will often alight on ships to rest while on their long and arduous journeys, and this is what I have shown here.

Regular: 43.5x32cm – $395

Large: 67.5x50cm – $550

The Migrant copy for website

Edition 180   from an oil painting 49x44cm

The magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagle.   This picture evolved after I saw the wonderful painting of Pope Innocent X by Velazquez, in Rome.  Seated on an ornate chair, the Pontiff wears a red cape, a striking triangle of colour bearing  the man’s head at it’s pinnacle, his eyes hard and intense.  I wanted to capture something of that composition and feeling, so I began with the triangular shape and worked to find the mood I was after.  It took a series of revisions over a long period but I think I have finally succeeded.

Size: 43.5x32cm – $350



Edition 180    from an oil painting 55x46cm

Koalas are extraordinary unique animals, so characteristic of Australia.  I was determined not to add to the plethora of cute images so I have tried to paint this individual in a true light.

Size: 43.5x32cm – $350

Koala 1

Edition 50    from an oil painting 45x60cm

A dust storm blows up and this young foal is suddenly isolated.  The vulnerability of the young is a powerful thing.

Size: 36x48cm – $395

Zebra Foal


Edition 50    from a watercolour 35x52cm

This is part of an ocean pool close to where I live, a favourite place for children in summer.   In mid-winter the water is cold and there are few swimmers, but life continues as normal for the birds.   I was drawn to the abstract patterns here, the white painted timber against the dark water and the grid of strong wire.   It’s reality but only just.

Size: 33x50cm – $395

Winter Gull


Edition 250    from a watercolour 53x72cm

This is a very personal painting as it was part of our house, the view from my young son’s window.   It’s early autumn and leaves from a liquidambar have been snared in one of the huge spider’s webs we get at that time of year, hanging there in the breeze and never reaching the ground.  I have used leaves in my pictures many times since but this was the first.

Size: 50x68cm – $550

Autumn Suspended


Edition 50    from a watercolour 61x100cm

The view from Hans Heysen’s studio in South Australia, one of a pair of massive pines that he would have known well.  I was lucky enough to spend some time here and feel the presence of this great artist before it was open to the public. Sadly the trees have now gone, felled for safety reasons.

Size: 50x79cm – $650

The Artists View


Edition 50    from a watercolour 53x72cm

The shark net at Balmoral Beach in Sydney was an icon, a roost for hundreds of gulls and a constant reminder that the seas beyond hold an ever present danger.  Yet few people swam within its bounds and storms often rendered it ineffective.   I painted it several times.  Its removal in 2008 heralded the end of an era.

Size: 50x69cm – $550

The Shark Net


Edition 250   from a watercolour 54x73cm

This was part of the old Balmoral Boatshed, distorted with age and close to collapse by the time it was finally demolished.  I loved every detail and made many drawings of it.  Although I have contrived my composition to build on the complexity of abstract shapes and design, I really did see a pelican on that walkway.

Size: 33x45cm – $395

Size: 51x69cm – $550

The Green Window


Edition 50     from an acrylic painting on panel 90x122cm

A picture about yearning, of being separated from people you love.   I had moved to Australia from England a few years before and I was keenly aware of the life I had left behind.  The scene is Balmoral in Sydney, though I have altered the topography somewhat to create the view out between the Heads.   I used a quote from Tolkien, part of a poem where the elves are sailing away from Middle earth forever.    I also painted a constellation of stars that I knew well from my previous life, and a flock of terns that migrate from the northern hemisphere to the south across the globe.

Size: 34x46cm – $395

Size: 52x70cm – $550

Gone to Sea