Guy and Barn OwlGuy runs occasional workshops on a variety of topics such as watercolour, landscape, nature painting, mammals and birds.   He is also available for bookings if you would like him to  run a workshop for you.  Please contact Guy to discuss dates and preferred topics. 

Guy’s vast experience teaching watercolour combined with his intimate knowledge of animals and the natural world will help you realise your painting ambitions.




If you are interested in attending any of theses workshops, please contact Guy by phone on 0417 236 533 or email.  



Wed/ Thurs   22/23 January   Sketching Birds  $320

Sharpen and hone your sketching and drawing skills in this fun and challenging two-day workshop.  Through an understanding of birds’ form and behaviour, you will learn step by step how to sketch, make notes, and develop your bird drawings as well as how to bring them to life with using watercolour washes.  Perfect for anyone interested in taking a sketchbook outdoors or on their next holiday. 

Suitable for beginner to advanced students.


ESSENTIAL DRAWING   with Guy Troughton    

Tuesday   28 January    Essential Drawing  $160

Understanding what you see is fundamental to the drawing process and practicing is essential. In this workshop you will practice using a variety of simple and complex objects and be guided through the various levels of perspective. You will also explore different ways of using marks to depict tone and form and rough out compositions using these new skills. 

Suitable for everyone      


WATERCOLOUR BASICS  with Guy Troughton

Monday 3 Feb   Basic watercolour   $95  3.5 hours

A half day introduction to watercolour covering materials and standard techniques. Everything from types of paper and brushes to the differences in paints, all with explanations and demonstrations.   This quick overview is aimed at beginners but may also be helpful if you’ve recently begun watercolour and the questions are piling up!



Wed/ Thurs  29/30    Painting Mammals  $320

In this exciting two-day workshop you will learn about of the structure and form of mammals and their unique differences and discover techniques to paint fur and texture in watercolour. Guy will share his extensive knowledge of painting mammals and provide step by step demonstrations. 

Suitable for beginner to advanced students with watercolour experience.


WATERCOLOUR – A WORLD OF COLOUR   with Jane Blundell  early 2020   -date to be arrange

…details to come


PEOPLE AND PORTRAITS     with  Krista Brennan  – date to be arranged

…details to come